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The One Bite Rule in the State of Nevada

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

We all love our furry friends. Many are trained to be friendly and welcome people. We want everyone to feel safe when we walk our dogs down the street.

But what if that dog isn’t trained properly? What if that dog you passed on the street isn’t as friendly as you hoped and you get bit?

While you have been hurt and may need medical attention, the One Bite Rule in the state of Nevada and the city of Las Vegas can help you get the damages that you need for your injury because of a dog bite.

The One Bite Rule is simple: the first bite is free since no one would know that the dog had a propensity for biting. You can sue the dog owner in the state of Nevada for being dangerous and for being negligent and for allowing that dog to attack you. But, before knowing the dog’s history, it would be close to impossible to prove that the dog has a history of biting people. It would be tough to assume that although the dog is aggressive, they have bitten people in the past.

When you hire Phil Singer, the Las Vegas lawyer, he will be on the case to make sure that you can be compensated for your injury. He will do extensive research to see if the dog in question has a history of biting others and of being aggressive.

The dog owner must file a dog bite claim within two years of the day that the injury occurred. When you hire Phil Singer to take your injury case, he will search for these records, helping you get the damages you deserve.

No matter the case, Phil Singer will provide you with the help and protection you need to win your case. Contact his offices today to get your claim started today.

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